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An Advanced Course in Prosperity Consciousness Building

Accredited by the Emerson Institute!

Please note: this program is available only to Ministers and Practitioners for presentation to their spiritual community.

No Royalties! All tithes from the program are retained by the church for the benefit of their spiritual community.

Keys to the Kingdom has two purposes vital to effective spiritual teaching and a healthy twenty-first century New Thought ministry.

First, it is designed to help your students identify and change their limited beliefs about abundance, happiness, and success. This is not a course about simply getting more money or material things. It is actually a guide to developing a higher level of spiritual awareness.  The program leads to an understanding of the spiritual foundation of true abundance and creating a life in greater harmony with spiritual law.

Second, Keys to the Kingdom is designed to strengthen your spiritual community by helping your students see the relationship between their spiritual growth and their participation in their spiritual community.   Few realize that the full value of spiritual community can only be attained when they treat their church as a place to contribute their support, participation, and talents.

This course will helps make the connection between giving and receiving using Jesus' profound prosperity lesson in Luke 12:22-34 as a foundation.  As you work through the lessons and begin to experience the truth of his words for themselves, you will naturally open the door to many new possibilities and deepen your relationship with Spirit.

How to Use This Course

Keys to the Kingdom is designed to be taught in a classroom setting as a seven-week course with a suggested optional follow-up class or celebration.  The ideal length for each class is approximately two hours.  Research has proven that learning is enhanced by multi-sensory presentation of materials. The course format maximizes these channels of communication and understanding. Here are the basic course elements:

Facilitators Manual & CD or USB Audio Program

Order well in advance of the program to prepare and promote the program.

Nearly everything you will need to teach Keys to the Kingdom is provided in the Facilitator's Kit.   It has the same written lessons and audio program contained in the Student Kit, plus a suggested class outline for each lesson in a format that has been tested and refined with many classes. There is a suggested reading list and ideas for group exercises and discussions.

After you purchase the Facilitators Set you may present the program as often and whenever you wish at no additional cost to the church. You only need to order kits for the students.

Student Workbook with CD or USB Audio Program

Order at least one week before the program begins to allow for shipping at regular rates. Express shipping will cost more. You can return up to 20% of the order that you do not use.  

The text is not a verbatim transcript of the audio program  For class discussion, the text is divided into subsections--with bold subtitles--that may be read aloud and discussed in class.  (This is a good option for those who do not have a lot of time to prepare for class.)  . Reviewing and studying the weekly workbook lessons are part of the weekly assignments.   

Each lesson in the manual has a companion audio for use by each student during the week. It expands upon the workbook text and contains an affirmative prayer, visualization, or other appropriate group exercise accompanied by music.

If you choose to use the recorded talk in class, it will take up most of the first hour.  The second hour could then be devoted to reviewing and discussing key points from the text, leading the class through the important spiritual processes contained in some lessons, or small group work.  Some facilitators prefer to teach the entire seven weeks this way.

The Commitment

The most unusual and important aspect of Keys to the Kingdom is the extraordinarily high level of commitment it requires from your students. Keys to the Kingdom was specifically designed for those who are ready and willing to take the very large leap in faith necessary to transform a consciousness of lack and limitation into a consciousness of true unlimited abundance.

The biggest commitment you will be asking your students to make is a commitment- in writing - to tithe of their time, talent, and income for seven weeks beginning at the first class. The commitment to tithe in all three areas of their lives for seven weeks should not be downplayed or minimized when you are promoting this class!  I strongly suggest using the Class Registration Form rather than some other means of registration.  It spells out the commitment in detail so there can be no misunderstandings.

How to Attain Long Term Results

Increased income, participation in church activities, and volunteer service are the among the initial results most churches report with great enthusiasm  However, when this course is adopted as an ongoing part of the church's curriculum and presented as a Sunday series the principles in it slowly become woven into your basic philosophy of ministry and approach toward teaching New Thought.  Over time, deeper and more widespread changes begin to take root and become apparent.

The consciousness of any size group can be transformed in this manner, with sustained effort, working with a few individuals at a time.  I see whole congregations shifting their awareness and growing much stronger and dedicated as more and more members are inspired by the success of other graduates to make the commitment and enroll in Keys to the Kingdom.  These New Thought churches are not simply growing more abundant--they are growing into thriving spiritual communities capable of being far greater channels for the work of Spirit in the world.  Churches who have adopted Keys to the Kingdom report that:
  • The congregation begins to give more consciously, in full awareness of what the act of giving really means.  Tithing is a choice rather than an obligation.
  • The intention that motivates tithing and the energy that accompanies the gifts are seeds that are planted in the lives of the congregation and the church. Spiritual law responds to the consciousness of the giver, not the amount of the gift.
  • The shift from a consciousness of "getting" to a consciousness of "giving" is a  profound landmark along the spiritual path.  The best reason to support the spiritual community is the reciprocal support of their own spiritual growth. 

The above are just few suggested approaches that have worked for me.  The Keys course itself will undoubtedly give you many more ideas.  Also, the pamphlet titled Uncommon Sense About Spiritual Giving: How and Why to Support Your Spiritual Home (available when you order this course) is a very useful tool for presenting the principles in Keys to your entire congregation all year long.  It too may give you some fresh ideas for making the message of abundance, spiritual growth, and unselfish giving a regular part of your offertory.

How is Keys to the Kingdom different from other prosperity programs?

There is no tithe or royalty requirement with this program. You purchase the class materials and present the program. You retain all of the tithes from the program and decide what you want to do with them at the end of the program. The intention of this program is to increase the prosperity of your spiritual community.

How to Order

This program is available only to Ministers and Practitioners.

Each student kit is $42*; the Facilitators manual is $300.00. You purchase the Facilitators Set one time only and present the program as many times as you wish at no additional cost to the church. Each time you present the program, new folks will need to purchase a Student Kit.

Please note that up to 20% of your order can be returned for credit, so please use pre-registration to determine how many kits to order. Please purchase materials online. We are not able to ship and invoice later.


If you have any questions about the order process, call the Business Manager, Geoffrey Gross at 773.991.7512 and/or email geogross21@gmail.com.

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