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Facilitator’s Manual

Everything you need to host the program with a group and/or as a Sunday Talk series. 45 pages.

No hay Manual de Facilitadores en Español.




Keys to the Kingdom has two purposes vital to effective spiritual teaching and a healthy twenty-first century New Thought ministry.

First, it is designed to help identify and change limited beliefs about abundance, happiness, and success. This is not a course about simply getting more money or material things. It is actually a guide to developing a higher level of spiritual awareness.  The program leads to an understanding of the spiritual foundation of true abundance and creating a life in greater harmony with spiritual law.

SecondKeys to the Kingdom is designed to strengthen the spiritual community by revealing the relationship between spiritual growth and participation in a spiritual community. The full value of spiritual community can only be attained when we view our spiritual community as a place to contribute our support, participation, and talents.

  • Part One: Course Design and Use
    • The Purpose of This Course
    • How to Use This Course
    • The Commitment
    • Your Church and Tithing
    • Class Attendance
    • Your Own Participation
    • How to Attain Long Term Results
    • Reinforcing the Principles of Keys Every Sunday
  • Part Two: The Keys to the Kingdom class guide
    • Instructional guides for each Key
  • Part Three
    • Using this Course for a Sunday Series
    • The Sunday Commitment
  • Part Four: Testimonials from Facilitators and Students
  • Part Five: The Conditions for Offering Keys