An advanced seven-week course in building a new consciousness and acceptance of true abundance in every area of your life.

The program consists of an e-workbook with seven lessons and seven audio programs that accompany the lessons.

There is a bonus meditation.

Program materials include

Note: All program materials are available for download only. No materials are shipped by mail.

How this program is designed to be used

The program is designed for group study, preferably with a Facilitator or Group leader. Sharing your experience of the program is a powerful tool for building a new awareness. To paraphrase someone famous, “whenever two or more are gathered together, good things happen.” Individual study is an option but the experience will not be as much fun as a group of at least two.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program include tithing?

Spiritual growth is directly tied to making and keeping a commitment. Tithing activates the Law of Circulation and reminds us that Spirit is the ultimate source of our good. Tithing is a form of prayer that, when done with a pure heart free of expectations, enriches our lives in many ways, seen and unseen.  For those who desire to live their faith full out, a commitment to tithing is a life-changing experience.

¿Este programa incluye el diezmo?

El crecimiento espiritual está directamente relacionado con hacer y mantener un compromiso. El diezmo activa la Ley de Circulación y nos recuerda que el Espíritu es la fuente última de nuestro bien. El diezmo es una forma de oración que, cuando se hace con un corazón puro y libre de expectativas, enriquece nuestras vidas de muchas maneras, visibles e invisibles. Para aquellos que desean vivir plenamente su fe, el compromiso de diezmar es una experiencia que cambia la vida.

I have a friend/relative who could really benefit from the program. How can I share it with them?

The program is perfect for spiritual communities and book study groups to meet online. Anyone can participate from anywhere. 

I don't use Paypal. Is there another way to purchase the program?

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For further information or to ask questions please contact the program manager